I design and develop websites that are personalized to fit your business needs, easy to navigate, functional, and rank for the search engines to bring you more traffic and ultimately more customers. I will help you to analyze your website page content, statistics from your website, source traffic, and traffic patterns in order to make your business flourish. I provide affordable website design with personalized one on one service and continued support.

Website Design Techniques
CSS and xhtml are used for efficient updating, design flexibility and future compatibility.

Easy to Navigate
Have you ever been to a site where the links don't work? Do you have a hard time finding the item you are looking for? Links should be clear and functional. Getting information from your web site should be easy for your customer.

Consistency between Browsers
The top three browsers at this time are Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7. Your site should function in all three. Choosing common fonts is also important for consistency between browsers. Most computers recognize these common fonts... arial, andale Mono, comic cans, courier, georgia, impact, times new roman, trebuchet and verdana.

Fast Loading
Most folks visit your site for information... and the quicker they can obtain that information, the better. Are you keeping your customer at your site once they get there?

Basic Search Engine Optimization
This is another important part of your web site. Finding your site is crucial to its success.
Search Engine Optimization
Website Promotion

Email Encoding
Have you ever wondered how your email address is discovered, recorded, handed down, and passed around? This happens due to Email Harvesting Robots (aka spambots). These autonomous bots spider the web day and night following links until they discover an unsuspecting MAILTO tag. All email addresses are encoded to reduce spam.

Continued Support
Keeping your site fresh is important. Updating must be easy for you. Just send an email with changes or additions!

Easy to Read
On the computer screen, sans-serif type faces like arial and verdana are the easiest text fonts to read.